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Developing Bayboro

NC STEP 2008On June 20, 2008, The Town of Bayboro was one of twelve towns in North Carolina awarded the NC Small Towns Economic Prosperity (STEP) Demonstration Grant by the NC Rural Development Center. NC STEP provided a $30,000 planning investment and will provide up to $100,000 to implement specific priority projects over a two-year period. Just like other Pamlico County towns, Bayboro boasts a tremendous community spirit and southern hospitality.

Although the grant was awarded to the Town of Bayboro, the goal was to be inclusive and regionally compatible with all of Pamlico County.

The Mission

The original Mission of the NC STEP Leadership Team of Pamlico County, Bayboro and its neighboring towns was to grow and link community assets and resources to support our small town values and cooperate for the common good while maintaining small town togetherness and economic growth.

STEP 2 logo

2012: Where We Are Today

Since 2008, the Bayboro Small Town Economic Prosperity (STEP) Committee, under the guidance of the NC Rural Center, has been addressing economic development issues and working on an economic prosperity plan. All Pamlico County citizens can be proud of its accomplishments. The strategic plans developed by the STEP Committee focused on creating economic growth that is both sustainable and appropriately suited to Pamlico’s culture, environment, and strengths.

Recognizing that Pamlico County has many assets and amenities that are attractive to retirees, a strategic plan to make this a “senior/retiree-friendly” county has been completed. This is a guide to attract retiring “Baby Boomers” who would find Pamlico County a safe and pleasant place to live. This is just one of the many development projects that we have completed for Pamlico County.

Other strategic plans that the STEP Committee has completed and are ready for use include an Assessment outlining the Core Business Capabilities of Pamlico County, a Tourism Brochure and amenities list, and a Hotel Feasibility Study. All of these studies and assessments will be taken into consideration as we move forward in our quest for economic development.

The successes of The Bayboro STEP initiative were possible because of unprecedented collaboration among County and community leaders, County Commissioners, and other community stake holders.

As the Bayboro STEP initiative concludes, efforts to bring further economic development to Pamlico County are under way. In early 2012, a county-wide economic development forum will be conducted and the creation of a Pamlico County economic development/tourism authority is anticipated. The STEP Committee plans to task this new authority with the job of building upon the information and ideas gained from the Bayboro STEP initiative, and to incorporate several previous plans and studies produced in recent years into a County-wide economic growth program.

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