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Town Council, Tuesday 11/17/15, 7:00pm

Town Council, Tuesday 12/08/15, 7:00pm

Town Council, Tuesday 12/22/15, 7:00pm

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Bayboro is the county seat of Pamlico County, located on the coast of North Carolina. At the headwaters of the Bay River, Bayboro is a residential, agricultural, fishing, and commercial community.

Rich in history, Bayboro draws its strength from a unique blend of old and new, history and progress. The economy of Bayboro is well diversified, with its core consisting of the courthouse and law enforcement facility surrounded by a collection of small supporting businesses, homes, churches, public schools, community college extension, medical center, and government offices.

Fishing enthusiasts will delight in angling on the Bay River, you can expect to find drum, spot, trout, flounder and tarpon, as well as plentiful crabs and oysters. Paddlers will delight in the miles of mapped paddle trails while observing water fowl such as herons, ducks, geese, terns, gulls and pelicans. The marshes and shores offer opportunities to observe beaver, deer, and otter as well as the occasional bear. Both paddlers and anglers may also spy dolphins which frequent the Bay River.


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